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Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is a video game series that needs no introduction. Its name conjures up images of sprawling open worlds, high-octane action, and controversial content. Since its inception in 1997, GTA has become a cultural phenomenon, inspiring countless imitators and sparking debates about violence and video games.

System Requirments for Grand Theft Auto: 1997

CPU75 MHz Pentium
GPU1 MB VESA-compatible SVGA graphics card
OSDOS 6.0 or Win95/98
STO80 MB hard disk space
SoundSound card

Grand Theft Auto: 1997 Features

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is a popular video game series known for its open-world gameplay, freedom of action, and controversial content. Here’s a breakdown of its key features and the debate surrounding the series:

Game Modes:

  • Single-player: Players embark on a story-driven campaign, completing missions and exploring the open world at their own pace.
  • Multiplayer: Players compete or cooperate with others in various game modes, such as deathmatch or racing.

Gameplay Mechanics:

  • Top-down perspective: The early GTA games used a top-down perspective, offering a strategic overview of the environment.
  • Open-world exploration: Players have complete freedom to explore vast and detailed virtual cities, interacting with the environment and characters as they choose.
  • Violent actions: Players can engage in various violent acts, including stealing cars, attacking pedestrians, and killing enemies.
  • Criminal activities: Players can participate in criminal activities such as robbery, extortion, and drug trafficking.

Grand Theft Auto: 1997 Storyline (Gameplay)

Grand Theft Auto: 1997, the first installment in the iconic franchise, introduced players to a revolutionary concept: open-world gameplay with immense freedom. Though its mechanics may seem simple compared to its modern successors, it laid the groundwork for a series that continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

The game unfolds across three distinct cities, each serving as a level. Players must achieve a specific score within five lives to progress. Earned money can be used to personalize stolen cars, but spending it deducts from the final score. Completing a level requires reaching a designated location after reaching the score threshold.

Beyond missions, players have complete freedom to explore the city, engage in criminal activities, or simply cause mayhem. While this free-roam is limited by a set number of lives, it offered an unprecedented level of freedom in action-based games for its time. Additionally, without body armor, players could be killed with a single hit, raising the stakes and making the gameplay more intense.

Despite the limitations, GTA: 1997 provided a vast sandbox environment for players to explore and experiment. This fostered a sense of agency and immersion that was rare for its time. Its innovative gameplay structure, coupled with its controversial content, continues to spark discussions and inspire both admiration and criticism.

Grand Theft Auto: 1997 stands as a significant landmark in gaming history. It offered a glimpse into the open-world revolution that was to come, paving the way for the immensely successful franchise we know today.

Grand Theft Auto: 1997 GamePlay Gallery

Download Grand Theft Auto: 1997

If you’re intrigued by the world of GTA and want to experience it for yourself, you can download the first installment, Grand Theft Auto: 1997, also known simply as GTA 1. This classic game offers a glimpse into the series’ roots and allows you to experience the open-world gameplay and controversial themes that have made it so popular.

Game NameGrand Theft Auto: 1997
Release DateNovember 28, 1997
DeveloperRockstar North
Game StyleAction-adventure


In conclusion, Grand Theft Auto: 1997 offers a unique gaming experience with a steep learning curve. While the controller challenges may initially seem daunting, those willing to persevere are rewarded with an immersive and thrilling open-world adventure.

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